Video VGA to Cat5

Send Video over Cat5 with our VGA Converter

Play your Media on Multiple VGA Displays from a Single Source!

Are you trying to run digital signage at your business? Are you struggling trying to find the best way to play your media on multiple screens spreadout throughout your location from a single player?

I-O Corporation has the perfect soltuion for your digital signage setup. Our oCat56 Video VGA over CAT5 system offers a robust digital signage solution that allows you to easily manage your system. With a single player or computer, you can run dozens of screens simultaneously and deliver crystal-clear video and audio even up to 1000 feet away from the player.
  • Push Video and Audio 1000 ft. on CAT5/5e/6
  • Manage One Player, Run Dozens of Screens
  • Focus & Skew Correction at every length

How the oCat56 Video VGA over Cat5 Works

Our system consists of two main parts, a transmitter and a receiver.

VGA to Cat5 Transmitter - Simply plug the VGA connection from your computer or media player into the oCat56 Transmitter. Plug in up to 6 cat5 or cat6 network lines that lead to your monitors.

Cat5 to VGA Receiver - At the end of each network line place one of our Receivers. This will convert the signal back from cat5 to two VGA outputs. If you have more than 12 monitors you can piggy back from one receiver to an addition receiver.

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